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Fruta Planta

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Fruta Planta is a 100% all natural weight loss supplement and is made from natural fruit and plants.

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Fruta Planta is a 100% all natural weight loss supplement, is made from natural fruits and plants. One of its main ingredients is Lemon, which is a great purificator for fat excess, waste and toxins in various organs, such as liver, kidney, lungs, lymphatic system and skin among others. It also purifies blood, improving its quality and promoting metabolism. It distinguished to clean and repair the entire digestive and absorption system in order to enhance the ability of both processes.

Main Ingredients:
Lemon, Papaya, Bitter Melon, Mangosteen, Radish, Fruit Gum, Spirulina Maxima.

Specification: 400mgs/grain * 30 grain per box

Daily Doses: One capsule before breakfast with boiled water, one day per capsule.

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Shelf life: 24 months

Supervising Manufacturer: Guangzhou Yanxiang Biology Technology Development Co.,Ltd (GMP certified enterprises)

Manufacturer: Hainan Zhongxing Natural Heathy Food Co.,Ltd

General Distributor: Guangzhou Zirantang Medicine Health Care Co., Ltd

Address: 105, Guangzhou North Road, Guangzhou


Children, pregnant women and patients with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus or kidney disease must avoid the consumption of this product.

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